New Year New Goals

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Like a lot of us towards the end of each year I start focusing on setting goals for the new year.  These are definitely not resolutions! Not only from research, but for personal experience these never work. So if the resolution thing does not work, what’s the difference in goal… Read more »

Inspiration for BJJ Christmas presents

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It’s that time of the year again and you are wondering what gifts to ask for or to get your BJJ obsessed loved.  It can be difficult depending on your budget.  BJJ is not the cheapest of hobbies.  So I have pulled together some inspiration for bjj Christmas presents, that… Read more »

A simple guide to the best bjj finger tape

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Who makes the best bjj finger tape? I have been struggling recently with finding a decent finger tape.  One that would actually stay on until the end of class. In my quest to find the best bjj finger tape, I have bought loads of the stuff.  To save you having… Read more »

5 Water Bottle Myths

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Rehydration is an important part of any physical activity. If you are like me you will have a water bottle for when you go training.  Beside the rehydration side, there is one other important thing to remember. Even though all you put in it is water, you actually need to clean… Read more »

BJJ strategy – fight the person not the belt

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How often do we make judgments based on limited information, not knowing or understanding the full picture?  Have you turned up to a competition and seen your opponant has four stripes on their belt to your none. Do you then feel a little defeated from the start. Or they have… Read more »