Cryotherapy Review

OldMunki   September 20, 2016   No Comments on Cryotherapy Review

I have recently returned from competing at the IBJJF World Masters. This was an awesome experience made even better by the great team of British athletes that were there and the help and support from my American friends. It was a really great event and ran pretty smoothly considering the… Read more »

What makes a good training partner in BJJ

What makes a good training partner in BJJ?

Having a training partner is a vital part of BJJ it is the best way to drill technique. It also gets you used to moving another body, as well as feeling what it is like to have this weight on top of you. But what makes a good training partner in… Read more »

Should you train when tired

should yOUTRAiN when tired

We all love our training, seeing your friends and rolling are big parts of our lives as bjj practitioners. You don’t want anything come between you and making it to your academy. But life gets in the way, early morning meetings. Travelling for work or just having to spend all… Read more »

Sponsorship in bjj


This week’s post is a bit of an Old Munki rant about sponsorship in bjj. Is seems sponsorship in bjj is drifting away from a mutually beneficial arrangement for outstanding athletes, to align with a brand they believe in. Towards a purchased validation of ability.

Self knowledge in BJJ


There has been a lot of publicity recently around the Enson Inoue decision to demote himself from Black to Purple belt, then back again. But did his initial lack of understanding lead him to a greater self knowledge in bjj?