October 21, 2015 Diet Fitness 1

Most of us will use some sort of supplementation throughout our training. It could be for recovery or just nutrition, but you need to know that you are getting value for your hard earned cash. I thought I would share my 6 top tips when buying supplements.

1. Firstly and the most easy, shop around. This one is easy just check through a few sites when you are looking to buy. Some sites might have discount offers or free shipping this week. It might only save you a little, but a few minutes checking could keep some money in your pocket.

2. Big brands aren’t always best. You don’t always have to buy big brand name products, when it comes to supplements. It’s not the name it’s the quality of the product that really counts. When your body is digesting it, the name of the product won’t matter, but the effect it has on you will. Look beyond the name and check out the product.

design-23. Know what you are buying. Some products especially some big brand whey proteins have lots of things added in. This is how they justify the price tag. So check the ingredients list, do you need all the added stuff? Are all those un-necessary add ins going to benefit you? Or could you go for something with less ingredients and a cheaper price?

4. Use discount codes. The sites that sell their own products will provide discount codes. Signing up to the newsletters for these sites, this gives them a way of sending you these codes. Sometimes you may even get a discount code for just signing up.

5. Compare apple with apples. When comparing prices on sites make sure it is like for like. One site may have a starting weight of a product of 250g and another would be 500g. The first one may appear cheaper, but when you increase the weight is it still cheaper? This one has happened to me a few times. Being aware of this one can be useful.

6. Does it actually work? Will the product actually have the effect you want. The advertising on the site or a forum, may promise many things but can it realistically deliver? Even if it says it has been proven scientifically, was this proven on humans? Something proven in rats may not scale up in humans. I use a site called Examine to check out the science behind some of the stuff I am considering buying. I would definitely recommend their site. They do not sell supplements just science and it could save you getting caught out by an expensive red herring.

With the high cost of supplements any savings are always going to be welcome. Just think you could put your savings towards that new gi.