I started my journey in martial arts and physical training, just after leaving school.  Spending my time getting a few black belts in different martial arts. Along with a lot of time in weights rooms and generally having fun. After starting jiu jitsu and having to stop for a couple of years due to surgery, I wanted to do things properly. Training BJJ gave me the learning bug. So I went away and studied as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

I have also realised that I am getting old (this was an unfortunate shock). But fortunately I have had lots of experience with martial arts and physical training. But others may not be in the fortunate position I am.  So I decided to start making a record of my journey, my thoughts on physical and BJJ training, diet and the struggles of an Old Munki getting his grapple on, whilst also holding down a full time job, mortgage and staying in one piece (and growing old disgracefully). If anything I write is helpful, makes you smile or makes you think about something differently then it will be worth it.

I am very active on social media so please also check out my social media and give me a follow and lets connect. We may be growing old but the munki in all of us just wants to have fun and enjoy life.

If you see me out and about please come over and say hi!

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