November 15, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews 1

Who makes the best bjj finger tape? I have been struggling recently with finding a decent finger tape.  One that would actually stay on until the end of class. In my quest to find the best bjj finger tape, I have bought loads of the stuff.  To save you having to go through the same pain, here is my finger tape review of the brands I tried.

Best BJJ Finger Tape

For this review I actually bought about 5 different brands of tape and borrowed some off Mrs Munki. Following some of the suggestions I saw on Reddit and the reviews on Amazon. Just for clarity in most of the cases, I bought thicker rolls and cut them into thinner strips.  I doubt this would make any difference to the results. I used all of them in competition class.  This is a one hour, high intensity class.  By comparing the results from use in this class, would put them through a consistent test.

Howies Hockey Tape

I bought this following a suggestion on Reddit. It was recommended as a cheap and sticky alternative to standard finger tape.  I ordered some Howies Hockey Tape.  The description said “Most water resistant and Stickiest adhesive”, perfect.  This was £4.38 with free shipping and when it came it was a big roll.  So it was looked like this was great value for money.

It stuck on well before class.  But about 15/20 minutes into class it started to unstick.  The end started to come off. Just over half way through the class, I had to start taking some of it off. So despite the value for money for me this was a bust.

Psychi Sports Finger Tape

This is a climbing tape. I figured if it could stay on whilst someone is climbing it would be good for BJJ. I ordered the 5cm roll at £4.99 with free shipping from Amazon. It also came in a handy tin. This was pretty easy to cut into strips, which was good. Plus it went on easy and stuck down well before class.  After 20 minutes of class the edge was still sticking.  But then about half way, the adhesive just failed. So the sections that were at the ends of my fingers just flew off. It seems that it could not handle the sweat. It stayed stuck to itself but unfortunately not my skin. Another bust.

Mueller-M Tape

I had used this before and it had worked great.  So I ordered some of this from Amazon, £5.50 with free shipping. It was more expensive than the others. But as I had used this before I was pretty confident this would be good.

It cut into strips well and stuck down fine.  Then even before class had started, the end started to come loose and curl up. I ended up having to use some of the Psychi tape over the top of it, to keep it smooth. That was not a good start.

Then during the class if pretty much did what the Psychi tape did.  This was really frustrating as I had used this before, with great success. So another bust.

Rainha Tape

Cool tape

This was one that Mrs Munki bought and I borrowed some off her.  This was £6.99 for a 1cm and a 2cm roll in a tin, with £2.50 shipping on top.  So more expensive than the other tapes I had tried. But it does look cool.  It is a golden yellow tape with the branding printed on it.

This was the only pre cut tape I tried but it stuck down well before class.  Then about half way through class the edge started to peel up.  But fortunately that was as bad as it got.  It peeled up about 1cm, but stayed stuck to my skin doing the job.  So this was my first successful tape test!

You can find this tape here

Tape Up

This was my final purchase.  On the website they describe themselves as tape specialists. I bought the Strappit Tape that apparently has an “aggressive adhesive”. That was exactly what I wanted. I ordered 2 rolls of the 2.5cm tape that was £4.00 with £2.96 shipping on top.

I managed to cut one roll into four strips easy enough and it stuck down well before class.  There was no peel back before or during class and it stayed stuck to my skin right to the end. Amazing I had actually found a tape that stayed stuck and lived up to the adhesive claims.

You can get this tape here

Monkey Tape

This is not easily available in the UK.  But I had heard some really good things about it when I was in America.  Basically the tape stuck that good you had to run your hands under water to loosen it. Plus it is advertised as “made by grapplers for grapplers”. So this sounds like great contender for the best bjj finger tape. A friend at my club had ordered some from the USA. This stuff was great but way more expensive than the UK options,  If you’re in the USA this is probably the best tape available.

You can get this tape here


The big boss tape was the Monkey Tape, but but to the cost and very limited availability in the UK, I don’t think it is a practical option for most of us.

Out of the Rainha and the Strappit tape, Strappit wins the title of best BJJ finger tape.  On value for money, but mainly stickiness.  But Rainha wins hands down on the coolness factor.  If you are looking for a good value for money tape, that does what it claims to. Then Strappit is the one to go for.

If on the other hand you want something to look a bit different and support a new BJJ business then Rainha.


Old Munki