Periodising you carbs

April 10, 2017 Diet 0

I am always interested in ways to tweak my diet to make it better for training and health. Carbohydrate periodisation was something I had not heard of before, but sounded interesting. Periodising your carbs can apparently help your body get better at burning fat.  This definitely sounded good to me.

5 Water Bottle Myths

November 5, 2016 Diet Wellbeing 0

Rehydration is an important part of any physical activity. If you are like me you will have a water bottle for when you go training.  Beside the rehydration side, there is one other important thing to remember. Even though all you put in it is water, you actually need to clean your water bottle!

Calories that you drink

February 24, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Diet 0

With the competition season under way, making weight can be a really big part of competing.  Something that is really easy to forget in this situation, is the calories that you drink not just eat.  Taking this into account will be an important part of making your weight.

6 Top Tips When Buying Supplements

October 21, 2015 Diet Fitness 1

Most of us will use some sort of supplementation throughout our training. It could be for recovery or just nutrition, but you need to know that you are getting value for your hard earned cash. I thought I would share my 6 top tips when buying supplements.

Fossil Fuel Snack Bars

July 9, 2015 Diet Reviews 1

I have written a lot of posts about diet and it’s importance especially for older athletes. so I was really excited when Dave of Fossil Fuel snack bars allowed me to do a review of their products. Looking at the background of the product is what made me positive about it from the start. Basically they… Read more