The best diet for the older bjj athlete

May 25, 2015 Diet Wellbeing 0

Food is a big part of BJJ. Either having a healthy diet for energy to train or watching what you eat to make weight for a competition, what you eat is important. So it is pretty easy to be dragged into believing that the next big diet fad will fix everything for you. Whether it’s… Read more

Post Training Recovery Nutrition

April 15, 2015 Diet 0

Recently I Mrs Munki asked me to help her with an effective option for post training recovery nutrition. She is not a great fan of chugging down a protein shake. So I had to come up with something she could take with her to work in the morning, as most nights she goes straight to… Read more

How to help heal broken bones

February 25, 2015 Diet Wellbeing 0

I found this article the other day about how to help heal broken bones.  The article goes into the healing process, which is useful.  Fortunately I have only broken my toes whilst training, but I thought I should rest and let it heal.  This article says that you can work around the injury and it will… Read more

Hitting my bjj competition weight

February 18, 2015 Diet 0

I am currently getting ready for my first competition of 2015. I have been working on my techniques and my mental game, the main issue is weight. I usually do not have this problem, but as we all did at Christmas and New Year, I let my diet go out of the window and indulged… Read more

7 Keys to Eating for Aging Grapplers

October 30, 2014 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Diet 0

I have the honour this week of having a guest post from the awesome MacKenzie Arrington, better known as the Grappler Gourmet. He has written a great post especially for us Old Munki peeps, 7 Keys to Eating for Aging Grapplers.  Enjoy the read and don’t forget to give him a follow on Twitter and… Read more