How what you eat affects your health

October 9, 2014 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Diet 0

I have recently had some time off work and despite my plans to get a little extra training in. I actually bailed totally and didn’t manage to make it to training once. This is not actually something I am very pleased about, as I feel I have lost a great opportunity. I thought about this… Read more

Are artificial sweeteners safe

June 20, 2014 Diet Mental Preparation 0

With the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle and most physical activities come a number of tag alongs, like an improvement in diet and improved health.  Over the past couple of years diet and what we eat has gained a lot of attention, as the cost of healthcare increases.  Excess refined sugar has come out as one of… Read more

Why sugar is bad for you.

May 29, 2014 Diet 0

I recently wrote a guest post for blog for Yellow by Design about the negative impacts of sugar on your body.  This was only a short piece but what I discovered whilst writing it went beyond conspiracies and attention grabbing headlines.  As part of my research I came across a really good article.  It is… Read more

Protein powder the differences

February 11, 2014 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Diet 0

Protein powders always get a lot of publicity, as there are many different suppliers looking to sell you 100s of different types of protein powder. As an Old Munki protein is one of the main supplements I use and I’m sure most active athletes will use too.  It can help promote a healthy weight and can help muscles recover after a… Read more

You are what you eat.

October 11, 2013 Diet Fitness Wellbeing 4

I have done other posts previously about food and eating paleo (or as the cool kids are calling it now “evolutionary eating”).  I have been a great advocate of this way of eating for a number of years, ever since I did the Robb Wolf 30 day challenge and lost 14lbs without even trying.  I… Read more