Supplementary recovery support for the Old Munki Part 2

June 5, 2013 Diet General Wellbeing 0

I wrote an original post a while ago about the supplements I started taking for the recovery of my shoulder operation.  You can find part one here.  So I thought it was time to give an update as to the usefulness of the various powders and potions I have been taking. So lets start with… Read more

Supplementary recovery support for the Old Munki.

March 6, 2013 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Diet General Wellbeing 1

So as an Old Munki going through some fun shoulder surgery, I have lined up some additional dietary supplements.  A number of these are generally pretty good for all round health for munkis old and young alike.  But a number of them that I will be taking during my recovery have been recommended to me,… Read more

The Stone Age (Paleo) Diet – No it’s not about taking ages to eat stones!

November 11, 2012 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Diet General Wellbeing 1

Diet in any sport is taken seriously and BJJ is not different what you put in, helps with what you get out. Whether you are competing or just enjoying the training diet is important.  So something I have had some positive personal experience with recently is the paleo diet.  I really don’t like calling something… Read more

Cuddle a kiwi to help you sleep

October 22, 2012 Diet Wellbeing 0

Ok so a lied a little in the title, you don’t actually cuddle the kiwi fruit you eat it.  But there has been a study that has proven that eating 100g of kiwi fruit (2 medium sized kiwi fruit) one hour before going to bed can help with sleep.  When you read the actual study… Read more