The Chimp Paradox

March 14, 2013 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu General Mental Preparation 1

This is not actually a humourous title from the Old Munki, nor is it a reference to a relative.  It is actually the title of a book by Dr Steve Peters.  The book really intrigued me as the Chimp Principle is used by a number of very high profile athletes, Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton… Read more

Is it really a case of Mind over Muscle?

February 1, 2013 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fitness Mental Preparation 3

The Central Governor Theory, it does sound like a bad gangster movie, but it is actually a theory or model produced by the Professor of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Cape Town Tim Noakes   about how your brain actually protects you during exercise.  The brain uses the symptoms of fatigue as key regulators to insure… Read more

The Old Munki challenge

January 28, 2013 General Mental Preparation Wellbeing 0

So I have mentioned that I have “raging arthritis” and as an old munki I’m awaiting one more operation on my right shoulder to fix it and clean it out.  However this weekend I was able to do a back squat for the first time in many many years.  I’ve not been able to do… Read more

Meta Learning it is about humans…honest!

January 21, 2013 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu General Mental Preparation 0

So I saw an article about the Tim Ferris book 4 Hour Chef in the newspaper, the book uses cooking is as a way to understand “meta learning”.  A guy called John Biggs (1985) is credited with creating and defining the concept of metalearning. His conception is framed around the idea of ‘being aware of and… Read more

R-R-R it’s not just for Pirates!!!

November 19, 2012 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mental Preparation Wellbeing 0

I know its a crap title and there is nothing about pirates in this blog, but hey suggestions are welcome.  So from pirates to one of the greatest minds of all time Steven Hawking.  He said in his speech at the Paralympics ” we are all different, there is no such thing as a standard… Read more