Compression Travel Bag Review

August 23, 2017 Reviews 0

I’m heading off to the World Master shortly (lucky me). When travelling space in your cases can be at a premium. Especially if you are just taking carry on luggage. One thing I’ve discovered recently are compression travel bags.  I’ve had two of them for a while now. I thought I would give you guys… Read more

Scramble Athlete 3 Review

July 11, 2017 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews 4
Scramble Athlete 3 Review

Scramble the big British BJJ brand has recently brought out its third version of its Athlete gi. This new version the very popular Scramble Athlete currently comes in two colours, white and blue. My review is of the white version. As I was buying the gi and I prefer white gis.

A simple guide to the best bjj finger tape

November 15, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews 1

Who makes the best bjj finger tape? I have been struggling recently with finding a decent finger tape.  One that would actually stay on until the end of class. In my quest to find the best bjj finger tape, I have bought loads of the stuff.  To save you having to go through the same… Read more

Cryotherapy Review

September 20, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews 0

I have recently returned from competing at the IBJJF World Masters. This was an awesome experience made even better by the great team of British athletes that were there and the help and support from my American friends. It was a really great event and ran pretty smoothly considering the number of athletes competing.  Whilst… Read more

Fossil Fuel Snack Bars

July 9, 2015 Diet Reviews 1

I have written a lot of posts about diet and it’s importance especially for older athletes. so I was really excited when Dave of Fossil Fuel snack bars allowed me to do a review of their products. Looking at the background of the product is what made me positive about it from the start. Basically they… Read more