Fossil Fuel Snack Bars

July 9, 2015 Diet Reviews 1

I have written a lot of posts about diet and it’s importance especially for older athletes. so I was really excited when Dave of Fossil Fuel snack bars allowed me to do a review of their products. Looking at the background of the product is what made me positive about it from the start. Basically they… Read more

Idee Pure Soap Review

March 8, 2015 Reviews 0

I was recently provided with some soap by Idee Pure. This is a Manchester based company specialising in cleaning products for athletes. I have been using this soap for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with it. This is my Idee Pure Soap review.

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Digital Grappling

January 19, 2015 Reviews 1

When I first heard about the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Digital Grappling I was slightly concerned. Obviously being the project of Roger Gracie blackbelt Nicolas Gregoriades it did have a good backing.  But at present there a whole of host of online tools and resources. Most of them follow a similar model of providing a range of… Read more

Pro Balm Review

December 22, 2014 Reviews Wellbeing 0

As an Old Munki I have to take care of myself a bit more now. I’m sure all the Old Munkis out there will appreciate, that your skin can take a battering and is less resilient as you get older. I have been using various hand balms to stop the skin on my hands from… Read more

The Paleo Coffee Company

October 2, 2014 Reviews 0

Anyone who knows me will know I like my coffee. I have started actually becoming a bit of a coffee snob, preferring the more independent coffee shops to the bigger chains. So I was really pleased this week when I received some samples from a new independent coffee producer, The Paleo Coffee Company. They are a… Read more