Idee Pure Soap Review

March 8, 2015 Reviews 0

I was recently provided with some soap by Idee Pure. This is a Manchester based company specialising in cleaning products for athletes. I have been using this soap for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with it. This is my Idee Pure Soap review.

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Digital Grappling

January 19, 2015 Reviews 1

When I first heard about the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Digital Grappling I was slightly concerned. Obviously being the project of Roger Gracie blackbelt Nicolas Gregoriades it did have a good backing.  But at present there a whole of host of online tools and resources. Most of them follow a similar model of providing a range of… Read more

Pro Balm Review

December 22, 2014 Reviews Wellbeing 0

As an Old Munki I have to take care of myself a bit more now. I’m sure all the Old Munkis out there will appreciate, that your skin can take a battering and is less resilient as you get older. I have been using various hand balms to stop the skin on my hands from… Read more

The Paleo Coffee Company

October 2, 2014 Reviews 0

Anyone who knows me will know I like my coffee. I have started actually becoming a bit of a coffee snob, preferring the more independent coffee shops to the bigger chains. So I was really pleased this week when I received some samples from a new independent coffee producer, The Paleo Coffee Company. They are a… Read more