July 9, 2015 Diet Reviews 1

I have written a lot of posts about diet and it’s importance especially for older athletes. so I was really excited when Dave of Fossil Fuel snack bars allowed me to do a review of their products. Looking at the background of the product is what made me positive about it from the start. Basically they created something that they were making for themselves to help theirs and their friends training.

2015-06-18 16.20.10Fossil Fuel is a brand new company based in Hull, which Mrs Munki appreciated as this is her home town. Their back ground is Crossfit, which in itself is a killer sport. But as older athletes themselves they appreciated the importance of good nutrition. They also understand the impact that poor nutrition can have on your body. That is the main thing I noticed about these bars they’re totally free from any sort of junk your body doesn’t recognise as food. They haven’t used any refined sugars, grains, gluten, vegetable oils, additives, preservatives or sulphites. This for me is really important, as an Old Munki I need every benefit I can get.

The ingredients in the bars are all good natural foods. Dates, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, raw cacao and coconut oil, make up the macadamia and cacao bars. Dates, dried coconut, cashew nuts and coconut oil make up the coconut and cashew bars. There are no hidden nasties and the names of the bars, pretty much describe what you are getting. I can identify benefits from all of the ingredients which is rare in itself.

The bars have a nice natural sweetness to them, as you would expect using dates and the nuts give them a nice consistency. But the additional bonus is, according to Mrs Munki, is that the cacao bars almost taste like chocolate. As a fussy eater this is a big compliment from Mrs Munki. However as a real food they can actually nutritionally benefit you, when you eat them. Unlike chocolate which has very little benefit, doesn’t even get rid of your hunger and causes that nasty insulin spike.

Besides just being a really healthy snack, I have found these are really useful for me when competing. As a brazilian jiu jitsu competitor I have to make weight just before I fight. As you will know, this can mean hanging around until you compete in the middle of the afternoon if I’m lucky. So for me these bars are awesome. The dates make sure my muscles have enough energy (glycogen) for when I hit the mat. The nuts and coconut oil keep away any gurgling hunger feelings I might get. Having these bars stops me feeling hungry and keeps my energy levels up. Also at 50g each I can control what I eat and prevent any chance of me eating, helping me make weight. All naturally and healthily.

They are also great for that pre training boost. When you have been working all day and not had a chance to eat properly. These bars can really hit a spot. If you are going to train properly and make the most of you time on the mat, your body needs fuel. These bars are a quality source of fuel. Giving your muscles the energy they need for class. Along with fuelling your brain, allowing you focus on the techniques that are being caught. They are also just the right size so they don’t over take your digestion and make you feel sick.

I know I may sound overly positive about these Fossil Fuels bars, but I honestly have nothing bad to say about the product. It fills a gap in the market for those of us that want to hit a healthy beneficial food before training or at any time really. Also having the Mrs Munki seal of approval means your children may even enjoy these. As a small start up company that is producing a great product they definitely do deserve some support. If you want to try out their products you can find them at wearefossilfuel.co.uk I’m sure you can tell they definitely get my support.