November 3, 2012 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Wellbeing 0

Keep it playful is the title of Ryron Gracie’s own blog on BJJ.  Having read his thoughts on the subject I do have to say at my age, working full time and daily responsibilities  it does make sense.  I started BJJ as something to enjoy to give me both a mental and physical challenge.  I know I’m never going to be the next ADCC or World Jiu Jitsu Champion, but that was never a goal when I started, having fun was.  Now I am not saying I won’t want to compete at some point, that is definitely something I want to consider.  But there is no rush to that, it will happen when it feels right and I am happy to do it.

Now in the years I have been weight training and doing other combat arts, it has not always been for fun.  I have enjoyed it when it was over. I felt better and looked better, but sometimes the training was painful and not at all enjoyable and something I looked forward to.  It was more something I endured because I had to and I am sure we have all experienced that at one time or another.  I guess it’s all a matter of perspective?

Now I am an older munki I want to do something that will benefit me in the long haul and provides some motivation to do other things, like weight training and running.  As come on, throwing big weights around is not fun at the time if you are doing it properly.  You know the benefits and stuff, but that’s all after the hard slog.  So that is why I dipped my toe into BJJ.  It’s not been off to as great a start as I wanted, injuries, life issues, blah blah blah.  But it has helped me understand what I actually want from BJJ, yeah I am now officially a wise old munki! OK not quite but for me this is a good thing.

I am enjoying learning the history of the sport, about the Gracies, the Machados etc. Getting to know who the main achievers are and why.  I am also enjoying and appreciating how you can learn from watching others roll.  This wasn’t a concept I had ever considered before, I had heard other people talking about it, but never really been able to apply it in my head.  But having watch some high level guys and you notice a couple of things that they regularly use, the bulb finally started to glow (and yes I an kinda proud of my little hairy self). I now know I can get this insight from those around me too, but that was a big step for me.  Gaining an understanding of the principles and their application is my next target.  I know this is not easy, but hey hunting down your bananas if far more rewarding than having it handed to you on a plate.

Oh and one thing for next year, I want to train abroad.  I am going to Las Vegas and New York towards the end of 2013 and I would really like to get a couple of privates in and attend a couple of classes if I can.  I think that would be great fun.  I have pretty much decided where I want to go in Las Vegas, that would be the Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu. Sim Go seems well respected and a good guy and I want to keep my experiences positive, whilst getting my head properly into this game.  I found a video of the gym and it looks good too.

You gotta love the music too!

 But if anyone has any suggestions for New York City, if it has recovered by then.  I was thinking of Marcelo Garcia and as I am only going to be there for a few days I can only attend one venue.  That is if his place has recovered from Sandy by then. But I am open to suggestions.  So I will obviously let you know this trip goes.  But you have to have some nice fun goals to work towards, don’t you?

I’ll leave the last word on this to Ryron Gracie “Don’t let something that is supposed to be fun hurt you, tap out”