February 18, 2015 Diet 0

I am currently getting ready for my first competition of 2015. I have been working on my techniques and my mental game, the main issue is weight. I usually do not have this problem, but as we all did at Christmas and New Year, I let my diet go out of the window and indulged a lot. I put on about 4 kilos (9 lbs) over about a month. I now have to get this off my banana belly so I can I have a good go at hitting my bjj competition weight.

Normally I would not worry too much as I walk around about about 2 kilos (4 lbs) over my competition weight. I can usually get this off in a couple of weeks or so. However I think the the poor diet options over the holidays has affected my metabolism, as I am now really struggling to loose the weight. Having spoken with Adam Adshead the owner of Factory BJJ about I weight loss. I have now opted for a form of intermittent fasting. The basis is that I fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour eating window. I chose this version because it fits well with my work and bjj training times. Plus intermittent fasting does have health benefits as well.

For more details on intermittent fasting check out these articles on Mark’s Daily Apple here  and here. They give a good description on the different types of intermittent fasting and the physical benefits that it brings.

At the moment I have not changed my normal food intake. Obviously this is way stricter and cleaner than during the holidays. As you are aware if you have read my previous posts here, I am a fan of the paleo style of eating. This means that I keep my normal diet pretty clean, well within the 80/20 ratio I set for myself or good to naughty things. As I have eaten this was for a while I have been able to find the right amount of carbohydrates, for the energy to train my jiu jitsu.

scale-403585_1280I have been sticking to this for the last few weeks and it has worked well for me. The only variation in portions is that I slightly reduced the size of my breakfast. This slight adjustment in the last week has seemed to have the desired effect and helped shift the final pound of weight. For me it is slow process, but it is also a health way of losing weight.

The important thing with any weight loss process is to make sure it’s healthy. I’m normally not an advocate of weight loss programmes, as I see weight loss as a bye product of a lifestyle change. Not just something to do for a few months out of the year, but an overall change to your overall daily lifestyle. But obviously in this situation there is a short term sportive reason, which makes it even more important to do it healthily.

Whether you are losing weight for competition or losing weight for training and to make you feel better, doing it in a healthy way, at a steady pace is what is important. This is even more important if you are an Old Munki, as our bodies are not as resilient as when we were younger.

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