February 25, 2015 Diet Wellbeing 0

I found this article the other day about how to help heal broken bones.  The article goes into the healing process, which is useful.  Fortunately I have only broken my toes whilst training, but I thought I should rest and let it heal.  This article says that you can work around the injury and it will actually be beneficial. Obviously mine was a minor break and I wasn’t told to stop training, but I assumed. So this is something I wish I had known. I would always suggest that you follow the advice of your medical professional if they instruct you to rest.

CalciumI also found the dietary and supplement advice interesting.  Anything that you can do to help with the healing process, especially at a time when you are feeling a little helpless is a bonus. It would have made me feel a little more positive about the time off I was taking.  Especially if you have a bad break, staying positive will be be important.

The other good points in the article are the things that you should avoid when healing.  They may be pretty obvious, but knowing the effects and the potential delays to the healing process, that they can cause is useful.  It kinda puts you in control a bit more.  Allowing you to make a choice about what is more important, the healing of the break or the bad things that would delay the break healing.

I hope you guys find it as useful and interesting as I did.

You can find the article here.

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