December 6, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 0

It’s that time of the year again and you are wondering what gifts to ask for or to get your BJJ obsessed loved.  It can be difficult depending on your budget.  BJJ is not the cheapest of hobbies.  So I have pulled together some inspiration for bjj Christmas presents, that should be able to hit any budget.

Inspiration for BJJ Christmas Presents

Stocking Fillers.

Finger Tape is a good option.  I did an article last week on this that you can find here Tape is always a good option as it gets used up so quickly.  So a good supply of tape will always be welcome.

A thermos travel cup.  Whether is pre training or post training a good cup of coffee is always welcome. I found a cool jiu jitsu one from The Arm Bar Soap company.  You can get it in the USA from here or in the UK from here You could also throw in some really good coffee to go with this one too.

The alternative to this would be a stainless steel water bottle. Way cleaner that just filling up that old plastic smart water bottle.  I like the Klean Kanteen bottles as they have a good variation of sizes and tops. Plus they are dishwasher proof too.  They are available on Amazon in both the USA and the UK.

A foam roller is always a really useful gift.  Whether its loosening up tight muscles or getting rid of nasty knots, foam rollers are really useful.  Most sporting goods stores carry them now.  I would recommend the type that have a hard plastic tube in them. As these will last a lot longer than the pure foam ones.  They tend to compress and bend with a lot of use.

Mid Range

A Private Lesson.  I have put this as mid range as in the UK private lessons are way cheaper than in the USA.  In the UK it can vary between £25 and £45.  You will have to check the rates at your loved one’s academy. It is a little expensive but a good gift if your BJJ love has been struggling with something on the mats. In the USA they can be a $100 upwards so not really a mid range gift.

I see a lot of people that have boil and bite mouth guards. These are not really that great a protection.  A custom mouth guard could be another good option. You can either pay for one at the dentist or there are a number of companies that do home mould kits that you can then send off.  In the UK I’ve used Funky Gums and they were great. You can even get picture put on them. Opro is another big name in the UK.  But there are lots out there. Impact Custom Mouthguards in the USA have done an article explaining why they are great here.

Going a step up from a foam roller, you could look at a massage.  This is not the standard type of spa massage.  You would be looking for a good sports massage therapist.  These tend to be a little more intense than a spa massage.  But they will be able to relate all those knots and tightness.  It may be worth asking guys at at your love ones gym if they have any recommendations on this.  As a personal recommendation is always better than a guess from the internet.

High End

You could look at a course of Cryotherapy Sessions.  These are really good for recovery and reducing inflammation. I did a review of my experience here. It could be really useful to help with pre competition and post competition recovery.

As I mentioned before in the USA a private lesson may fall into this category.  It is still a great gift to consider. Plus if you are fortunate enough to have a big BJJ name nearby and your loved one’s academy allows it, you could get them a private with someone famous. You may have to do a little research on this.  You will need to find out who they would want to work with.

If you are feeling particularly flush.  You could pay for a BJJ themed break and some training at another gym?  A lot or people would love to experience training at Marcelo Garcia’s or Studio 540. There are also many well respected Academies across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.  Unless your loved one has told you where they would really like to go.  You will probably have to ruin the surprise and ask them about this one.

I have purposefully not mentioned T shirts and training gear, as I am sure they would instantly spring to mind.  I wanted to give you a little different inspiration for bjj Christmas presents.