October 31, 2012 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 0

So I mentioned in my last post the Metamoris Pro Event.  One of the fights on the card was Ryron Gracie vs Andre Galvao.  Ryron has not competed for many years and Andre has I list of current titles to his name, so it was a very anticipated bout.  For those of you that did not have the bananas to trade for this event the You Tube video of this particular bout is below.

It was a good match and Ryron kept to his keep it playful ethos.  Which I personally like as a Jiu Jitsu ideology.
The Gracie Brothers themselves have done a great breakdown of the contest which I have also included below.
I do like the way these guys break things down they are always informative and you get some great insights.  I hope you enjoy both videos.