February 21, 2013 General Wellbeing 0

So I’m preparing this post in advance, as I am due to have shoulder surgery on Thursday. Yes Valentines Day! Mrs Munki is very understanding. This is the second operation I’ll have had and I am hoping they will be able to do all of the repair work in one go. This will help with my “raging arthritis” as I have bone shards “the size of marbles” as my doctor put it floating around in there. So getting rid of them will stop them grinding around and preserve the remaining cartilage in there. I also have to have my capsular repaired. Yes is all sounder like fun, but I am really looking forward to this. The effect of the surgery on my other shoulder has be great.

So as I am anticipating my right shoulder to be in a sling like last time, I’m going to write this in two parts. This bit now and the second bit with one hand after the event. I have a lot of studying lined up for whilst I am off training. I have been planning my studying, in line with my previous meta learning process and focusing on specific aspects.

I’m currently sat in the waiting room. I’ve had all the checks and the informed consent chat and a big arrow drawn on my arm to make sure they get the right one. It sounds like I’m getting the same done as on the other shoulder. But the doctor has said my shoulder is a mess and my arthritis is bad. But I may be an old Munki but I’m a positive Munki and no arthritis is going to stop me. Get the op done, the shoulder repaired and I’m away.

The arrow so they got the right arm

So this is part three the left handed one armed bit.  I’ve had the op done and it all went well. They allowed me home the same day but with a lot of pain meds. This is the operation I had done.

Check out the stack of pain meds below!

Check out this lot

I‘m really impressed with how much they gave me, I even got liquid morphine!  They were really expecting me to be in a lot of pain but surprisingly enough I’ve been fine.  Very little pain overall I think they must have taken a different approach to last time. Based on all the scans they took. Now its just a case of sitting around and healing for 8 weeks.  Well not just sitting around, I’ve given myself the first week to sort my sleep out (yeah thats not too great at the moment), then I’m gonna hit the studying.  I’ll still be able to get the rest in, in between books and videos.

One other thing I’m doing at the moment is a supplement regime to help with the recovery.  I had started some aspects to reduce inflammation prior to the op.  But I’m going to go into this in more detail in another post. Now this is done I’m really looking forward to get my training moving.

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