BJJ Beginner Tips Part 2

May 30, 2017 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 0

In the first part of bjj beginner tips I explained some points that would help your motivation.  In this part I am going to look at some of the more practical issues of training BJJ.

BJJ Beginner Tips Part 1

May 15, 2017 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 0

As the new year has started you may be considering starting BJJ or have just taken the plunge.  But what are the things that you should know that no one ever actually tells you? I have pulled  together some BJJ beginner tips from my own experience.

Self knowledge in BJJ

July 18, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mental Preparation 0

There has been a lot of publicity recently around the Enson Inoue decision to demote himself from Black to Purple belt, then back again. But did his initial lack of understanding lead him to a greater self knowledge in bjj?

Do I suck at BJJ?

May 24, 2014 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mental Preparation 0

I have entered three competitions this year and so far I haven’t won a fight at any of them.  Now I could take this as a negative and think “do I suck at BJJ?”  Or I could look at this as all experience.  I have seen the memes out there about “There are Winners or Learners” etc. … Read more

Rolling with the Opposite Sex – Mrs Munki “Breakdown”

May 1, 2014 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 1

This week is a guest post from Mrs Munki.  Due to this being about the Gracie Video about rolling with the opposite sex, Mrs Munki is probably in the best position to comment on this.  But the post explains the value of the video for both genders.  So over to Mrs Munki. Over the last… Read more