Longevity in your BJJ

December 12, 2017 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Wellbeing 2

Training Brazilian jiu jitsu is something that most of us want to be able to do for the rest of our lives. Whether you started young or later in life, the goal is still to be like Helio and Carlos and train well into old age. But as you get older consciously adapting your jiu… Read more

What makes a good training partner in BJJ

August 17, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 0

Having a training partner is a vital part of BJJ it is the best way to drill technique. It also gets you used to moving another body, as well as feeling what it is like to have this weight on top of you. But what makes a good training partner in BJJ?

Should you train when tired

August 10, 2016 Fitness Wellbeing 0

We all love our training, seeing your friends and rolling are big parts of our lives as bjj practitioners. You don’t want anything come between you and making it to your academy. But life gets in the way, early morning meetings. Travelling for work or just having to spend all day looking after your children.… Read more

BJJ Patches

April 27, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 6

I do not think that being an Old Munki is something exclusive to me.  Anyone who’s hit mid thirties or over and likes moving and rolling around on the floor, can be part of the Old Munki movement. So I got some bjj patches made up with Legacy Creative UK to help publicise the movement to all… Read more

What is the right mindset for bjj competition

March 9, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mental Preparation 0

At the end of last year I competed at the IBJJF Berlin Open and didn’t do too good. This made me consider that I have to rethink my approach to competition. I had spent all last year hyping myself up for each match, thinking I need to be aggressive to get the upper hand. But after… Read more