Benefits of cold exposure

June 19, 2017 Mental Preparation Wellbeing 0

The benefits of cold exposure are a big thing for recovery at the moment. I am aware that there is some mixed research on the effectiveness of cold exposure on recovery. However I have been practising cold exposure (cold shower therapy) for the last 6 months or so and this is my experiences with cold… Read more

New Year New Goals

December 31, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mental Preparation 0

Like a lot of us towards the end of each year I start focusing on setting goals for the new year.  These are definitely not resolutions! Not only from research, but for personal experience these never work. So if the resolution thing does not work, what’s the difference in goal setting?

BJJ strategy – fight the person not the belt

October 22, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mental Preparation 0

How often do we make judgments based on limited information, not knowing or understanding the full picture?  Have you turned up to a competition and seen your opponant has four stripes on their belt to your none. Do you then feel a little defeated from the start. Or they have no stripes and you have… Read more

Meditation for BJJ

April 13, 2016 Mental Preparation Wellbeing 0

Meditation for BJJ really? Meditation is big in the press, helping with stress and other issues. But for some people the thought of chanting or listening to pan pipes can be off putting. It’s hard to appreciate how sitting quietly can actually be a benefit for you as an ageing grappler. So how can you… Read more

What is the right mindset for bjj competition

March 9, 2016 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mental Preparation 0

At the end of last year I competed at the IBJJF Berlin Open and didn’t do too good. This made me consider that I have to rethink my approach to competition. I had spent all last year hyping myself up for each match, thinking I need to be aggressive to get the upper hand. But after… Read more