Back to the beginning

November 14, 2017 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 0

Starting anything as a beginner is hard work. Whether it’s physical activity like BJJ or even something like a new job. It’s hard work and takes effort. But then what comes after can be even worse, becoming comfortable! That’s why I’m going back to the beginning.

BJJ Beginner Tips Part 1

May 15, 2017 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 0

As the new year has started you may be considering starting BJJ or have just taken the plunge.  But what are the things that you should know that no one ever actually tells you? I have pulled  together some BJJ beginner tips from my own experience.

The importance of perspective

November 6, 2015 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 0

Do you have a position that you keep getting stuck in? Are things not working out for you on the mat?  Or are you just losing every competition you enter? I have experienced all of things but what I have learnt is the importance of perspective.

Excuses are not BJJ

August 19, 2015 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mental Preparation 0

As jiu jitsu practitioners we have all had difficult times, when things just don’t work for us. It comes with the territory as we are all learning and none of us are good at everything straight away. Having said that the one thing we should not be doing is making excuses, as excuses are not… Read more

Frustration in BJJ

June 17, 2015 Mental Preparation 0

Whether you are a beginner like me or a world champion black belt, at some point or another there is something that we all experience. We will all suffer from some form of annoyance with your bjj journey. Frustration in bjj will be a common issue that you will have to deal with.